How We Work


We work in two business lines,

The first line is to utilize Global Agri-chemicals unique solutions from International Trusted manufacturers to local distribution chain in all Egypt North Africa and Middle East markets.

Considering that, we provide best in class Distribution, Supply Chain, Logistics, Regulatory services that ensures right products reach customers on the right time in season and with minimum cost.

We are open to provide consultancy services to International and Local companies in Supporting functions within the business value chain (Supply Chain, Customer Service, Regulatory Service,..etc)

We are open to act as Agency to interested high quality manufacturers who have the desire to do business within Egypt, North Africa and Middle East markets

The second line is:
Pest Control Service that includes
a)Utilize Public Health and Household Pesticides with proven efficacy and safety margin from International well reputed manufacturers in the local market in MENA region
b) Offering Pest Control Service for selected customers to ensure safe and high solutions for better life at home and work places we live in

This is why we partner with high quality manufacturers via agencies on projects that we focus on to improve the quality of life for farmers and people

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A leader in eco-friendly extermination and effective commercial pest

Be sure that you are receiving the best pest control service ever

We eliminate and prevent insects from invading your commercial property and keep them away for long time.