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Suffering from insects and rodents has become very harmful causing many health problems
So Pest Control programs became essential and important to prevent the damage caused by diseases spread to protect our health and our lives
Here it comes the role of a company Imaxy services to protect you from all of these dangers all through the operations " of the disinfection – prevention - Pest control programs.

The company of the companies the leading in - fighting pests in the field of health public as well as anti pests agricultural , which affects grain stored and timber in silos , warehouses and ships for by evaporation .

Anti insects , rodents and companies - fighting insects and rodents increased with increase awareness of environmental and health of the human no longer the concept of protecting the environment concept of a theoretical or d Lord of Dr. Rob research and scientific only has become on every human being to be positive towards the environment and identifies the pollutants that harm to the environment and so on various field of life in homes , schools , hospitals and places public and other of the places that exist by man and that all through our service derived ...

Our services
First : combating insects and rodents against insects and rodents in all facilities Egyptian such as hospitals and villages , tourist tourism and hotels , companies , factories , warehouses , clubs , schools , villas , restaurants , and shops commercial , supermarkets and gatherings of residential houses , etc. The types of control in .
• Insects creeper is in : (cockroaches - ants - ants White - bugs – fleas)
• Insects plane is in( : flies - mosquitoes – Alhamoh )
• Rodents, including( : mice - rats – jerboa )
• Reptiles and are in( : snakes - scorpions - Abras – lizards)

Second : anti pests Agricultural :
And that in gardens, green spaces and orchards

Third A : anti weeds :
In companies, airports, clubs and orchards
This is in addition to a special section for fumigation in silos, warehouses and ships to combat stored grain pests .

Programs to combat pests of public health
1- Crawling Insect Control Program :
2- Action sprayed his position insect crawls include all places that exist where these insects .
3- Follow - up injury first , Powell worked sprayed protective to prevent the presence of insects once second .
4- Use of gel compounds ( GEL) Insect crawls only that is considered the latest SHOUT in - fighting cockroaches and ants in the program integrated IPM Characterized by such vehicles as zero odor - easy to use are not affected - to varying temperature , elevated or low

Public health integration solutions

Proven solutions with exceptional service When you hire our pest management professionals ...

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Agro chemicals

Using the right Agri-Input Solutions, at the right time, in the right way and in full comp ...

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